Organisational Planning and Control

Organisational Planning and Control Essay example
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Organisational Planning and Control Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Identification and the Description of the Customers of Apple Incorporation 3 Bargaining Power of Customers With Respect To Apple 5 Evaluation of Customer Relation Management of Apple 5 Recommendations 8 Customers Profitability Analysis 8 Conclusion 10 References 11 Appendices 12 Total Number of Visitors Visiting the Apple Retail Store 12 Age Group of the Visitors Visiting the Apple Store 13 Comparison of Sales of the Mobile Handsets with Share of Industry Profits 14 Introduction Organisational planning and control forms an important part especially in the advancement and growth of any organisation.


In this similar context, planning related to an organisation also helps in exploitation of the accessible resources effectually and capably. It aids an organisation to determine the set of goals assigned. Framing of strategies, policies and statements broadly depends upon the process involved within planning and control measures (Davoudi, 2009). With this concern, this report intends to select, recognise and analyse the customers having transactions with Apple Inc. This report would also entail customers’ ability influencing the company by taking into concern of examining ‘Bargaining Power of the Customers’ concerning Apple. Moreover, evaluation of the ‘Customer Relation Management’ of Apple also frames as an objective of this report. ...
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