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Essay example - Investing in Equities Case of Morrison Supermarkets Plc

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Finance & Accounting
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Since the financial ratios and the risks ratios indicate that the firm is likely to be in a position of meeting its daily liabilities with very minimal risks, there is no doubt that investing in this firm will be a good idea…

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The organization was selected due to its recent trend in performance, operations, and positioning within the industry. Tables 1, 2 and 3 in the Appendices show the operations, performance, and market positioning of Morrison Supermarket Plc. In terms of the performances, Morrison has provided a positive indicate especially in respect to the market capitalization as well as the volume of shares traded (Table 2). On the other hand, Table 2 shows that amongst the various players in the industry, Morrison Supermarket Plc had experienced a positive change in the share price. Lastly, Table 3 provides a deeper understanding of the performance of the Morrison Supermarket Plc hence justifying the reason behind its investment. From the information contained in Tables 1, 2 and 3, it is clear that Morrison Supermarket Plc is a profitable organization to invest in shares or other securities. The fact that during the fiscal year 2010 Morrison Supermarket Plc was able to pay dividends. The fact that the firm was able to pay dividends is a clear justification that investing in this organization is likely to yield to more profits and returns. Therefore, this was the main motivation behind the investment of ?10,000 in shares between 2008 November and 2012 December. In this report, findings, which are in terms of financial analyses, are provided. The report concludes by an overview of the investment process as well as recommendations towards further investments. ...
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