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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: 1. ABOUT US A. ?Audit Career Center This section focuses on individuals who have a desire to start their inward review profession or are looking for qualified representatives. IIA's Audit Career Center is a certified source for posting resume and candidate searches that are focused, receiving 10,000 unique visitors monthly (Institute of Internal Auditors 12).


Employers and Agencies can fill open positions in their respective departments. One can also post job openings searching for resumes, which match the desired criteria posted in the audit career center (Institute of Internal Auditors 13). 1. SERVICES A. Quality Assurance Here, there is a Quality Assurance and Improvement Program (QAIP) which enables evaluation of the internal audit activity's conformance. This program is also responsible for gauging the efficiency and effectiveness of the internal audit activity, identifying improvement opportunities. Internal assessments are constant, where there are in-house assessments of the in-house audit activities together with periodic self-assessments and/or reviews (Institute of Internal Auditors 14). 1. MEMBERSHIP A. Benefits of Membership This section focuses on members where it stipulates that members are entitled to guidance, training, and services free or specially priced. Most of the important prospects accessible to IIA members are: 1. Advocacy Resourceful guidance is accessible to members for the advocacy of their role with the main stakeholders. The IIA maintains international recognition due to their presence in Washington DC in the advocacy of the profession. ...
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