Interest rate convergence / Covered or uncovered interest rate parity

Interest rate convergence / Covered or uncovered interest rate parity Dissertation example
Finance & Accounting
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Dissertation, Finance and Accounting Abstract The enduring global financial crisis has led to a sharp reduction of international trade, involving a short term decrease in global agriculture trade value around 20%. The crisis is leading to a rearrangement of exchange rates, and the definitive declaration of the crisis depends on the alteration in the exchange value of the U.S.


made significant losses on acquisitions of foreign institutions and on holding of asset-based securities (OECD, 2009, p.30). By mid 2007, the financial disorder with its rigorous liquidity and credit crunch seemed to detain to financial markets and institutions in the U.S., U.K., Western Europe, Asia and many other countries. It resulted in the failure of key businesses, downturn in the economic activity and decline in the consumer wealth. During this period economies globally slowed, as international trade declined and credit tightened. This paper will focus on the effect of financial crisis on U.K. and other developed nations like USA, Europe and Asia and will also compare the impact of crisis on U.K. with these nations. ...
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