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Investment and risk are the two sides of a same picture. If a coin is tossed then there is always a risk associated with the same. There are number of things associated with the same. According to the provision, it is found, when there is investment, and then there would be a provision of risk as well.


Making a portfolio always give something extra ordinary to the investor and investors always like to have making a portfolio, as it not only increase its return but it also decrease the risk association from the same. Passive Investment strategy would be taken into account for the same. Passive investment can also be stated as passive management. It is a financial approach which refers to get hold on active selling and purchase dealings in short term profitability scenarios while having an intension to make investment in secure long term profitability with a minimum usage of resources (John L. Maginn, 2010). The passive investment approach is hugely relied and believes on pre determined strategy where there is no span for any potential anticipation rather strongly belief by fund manager or any financier to invest in long-standing period will be highly cost-effective. The whole stance is to evaluate the investment to its minimum level and to keep away negative impacts in the case of malfunction in order to appropriately forecasting. Passive management is extremely viable in stock market in which index tracker is used to assess the index for equity market (John L. Maginn, 2010). Now days, it is gaining popularity and also being exploited progressively in other types of investment portfolios include bonds, supplies and hedge funds. ...
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