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Unified Financial Accounting Standards

Unified Financial Accounting Standards

Indeed, since the modern business takes place in a global market, there is absolute need to define how to do business across all nations (Ingram, & Albright, 2007). As such, various organizations seek to establish different business and financial measures to define the universal manner of doing global business. Financial accounting standards are some of the measures, which all companies must comply with while doing business, assessing their progress, and reporting their success. Financial accounting standards seek to establish fairness, equality, uniformity, accuracy, and transparency in the preparation and presentation of financial statements. As such, financial accounting standards must be clearly understandable and comparable so that the users can apply them effectively. The accounting profession adopted the generally accepted accounting principles, which defines universal reporting principle in the global market (Ingram, & Albright, 2007). Financial accounting standards derive many merits in the business field and various users rely on financial accounting standards to perfume their business and accounting responsibilities. The users may include investors, companies, and auditors. This paper defines the characteristics of the unified financial accounting standards and discusses the benefits of unified financial accounting standards to investors, companies, and auditors with reference to preparing, reporting, and comparing the financial performance in the modern global market.
The unified financial accounting standards have certain characteristics, which guarantee accurate and material communication of the business firm’s financial position and performance. ...
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Unified Financial Accounting Standards
It is arguably true that the modern business world experience numerous business operations and relevant assessment measures that determine the success of such operations in the competitive world…
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