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Corporate & Financial Risk Analysis Institution Name Course Date Table of Contents Introduction 3 Risk Functions and their use in MATLAB 12 References 16 Introduction Corporate and financial risk analysis involves the use of various strategies to and method.


This dissertation explores the various strategies, quality measurement methods, risk analysis, and quantitative methods used by investment managers. A comprehensive definition of hedge funds is also contained herein. Thereafter is a description of how they managers implement various strategies to gain profits, recover losses, avoid losses, as well as maintain an inflow of income. This dissertation also details various risk functions and how they are used to ensure that to predict the market’s reaction as well as results after certain possible events. Defining Hedge Funds A hedge fund is a privately owned and managed investment (Goldberg & Korajcsyk, 2010). Such a fund would invest in a wide range of elements. This would include various strategies, markets, and investment methods. Hedge funds provide the investor a means by which he/she can comfortably navigate market rules. However, the fund is not autonomous. The fund manager has to follow specific rules set aside for hedge funds. Each country has specific rules that govern the hedge fund systems (Alexander, 2008). Hedge funds have a particularly characteristic of being open-ended. The investor has room to add to the investment or withdraw all together. This is unlike other custom funds that only allow specific times for addition and withdrawal (Chavas, 2004). Other funds also have specific categories within which they allow certain amounts of withdrawal or addition. ...
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