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PLANNING AND BUDGETING Student Name: Corey Sutton Professor’s Name: Dr. Beharry Course Title: Healthcare Finance 17th May, 2013 Abstract The financial management of any health facility cannot be relegated to the background as a factor that does not count to the collective success of the facility.


First, the key factors to consider when making pricing and service decision are considered to include the cost of production, profit mark-up and external factors including prices of competitors. Once the right prices and services are rendered, the facility is sure to have a very firm basis for financial performance. Again, there is consideration on the actual financial planning process, where it is said that there are as many as six components in the financial planning process. Each of these components relates to the other to ensure that a firm financial basis is built for the facility. Finally, focus is given to various investment policies that the health facility can involve its self so as to ensure that it keeps an appropriate time value series and is able to overcome all major financial risks. Introduction It is common knowledge that the major business associated with health facilities such as the selected facility is the provision of quality healthcare to patients. However, the researcher is of the opinion that in order for this core objective of the health facility to be achieved, there are some key structures that need to be put in place in order t ensure that this key objective is achieved. One of the key structures is the financial structuring of the facility. ...
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