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Dissertation example - international source of finance for india as developing country

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Finance & Accounting
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INTERNATIONAL SOURCE OF FINANCE FOR INDIA AS DEVELOPING COUNTRY Table of Contents Chapter 1: Introduction 5 Background of the Study 5 Aims and Objectives 6 Rationale of the Study 7 Limitations of the Study 9 Plan of Dissertation Project 10 Conclusion 11 Chapter 2: Literature Review 11 Introduction 11 Theoretical Literature 13 Role of International Funds in a Developing Country 14 The Role of World Bank in a Developing Country like India 16 Advantages of International Sources of Funds 18 Disadvantages of International Sources of Funds 19 Empirical Literature 20 Conclusion 25 Chapter 3: Methodology 26 Introduction 26 Research Approach 27 Quantitative research 27 Qualitative research 27 Data and…

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The background of this study is to access the need of international sources of finance by India as a developing country. The major cause of underdevelopment in the developing country like India is the shortage of capital. If India depends on its own funds for funding economic development either of the two possibilities comes out. ...
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