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FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING Name Instructor 1. From the first e-activity, discuss how the present processes used by rating agencies might be enhanced. Provide precise examples to prop up your response. The current process of rating agencies can be improved via a strong implementation and enforcement by the regime (Sherman, 2011).


The Act necessitates GAO to evaluate the execution of the Act. This report discusses the Act's execution; evaluates NRSROs' performance-related expose; evaluates getting rid of NRSRO orientations from confident SEC rules; appraises the brunt of the Act on antagonism; and provides a scaffold for evaluating substitute models for compensating NRSROs (Sherman, 2011). To tackle the mandate, GAO reviewed SEC rules, assessment supervision, completed assessments, and staff memoranda; scrutinized required NRSRO exposes and market allocate data; and dialogued SEC and NRSRO officials and souk participants (Bangemenn, 2005). The procedure for reviewing NRSRO claims limits SEC staff's aptitude to fully guarantee that interviewees meet the Act's necessities (Bangemenn, 2005). An example of how the current processes used by agencies can be improved is while SEC had recorded 10 of 11 credit ranking agency interviewees as of July 2010, some employee’s memoranda to the Commission abbreviation their review of claims described anxieties that were not tackled prior to congregate (Bangemenn, 2005). 2. Analyze the impact of the attention rates on both short -term and long term debt plus how health care organization might best leverage your psychiatry. ...
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