Financial Anaylsis of ASMAK Company

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ASMAK is a fish farming company, headquartered at Abu Dhabi, UAE. Its shares are publicly traded in the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange. It has been a pioneer in the field of producing, processing and marketing of aquaculture products in the Middle East.


The company sets high objectives for itself and strives to be the leading company in the field of aquaculture. Until recently, ASMAK management have decided to diversify its business activities in other fields like real estate, consultancy services, etc. ASMAK suffered a huge setback financially in the year 2011 and its sales revenues declined significantly. Hence, it has been involved in borrowing money to recover its profitability position, thereby increasing its debt exposure considerably. However the company has huge opportunities available which can be explored effectively to make huge gains from it. The company is recovering at a fast rate and might be requiring more money which they would have to borrow in the upcoming future. Introduction International Fish Farming Holding Company, commonly called as ASMAK is a well reputed fish farming company in the Middle East. It is a multinational public company located at Abu Dhabi. . The company has been studied it details and has been discussed in this study. First of all a brief overview about the company affairs have been mentioned in this study. Next the company objectives and the business activities followed by the company have been discussed in details in this study. The strategic plans of the company’s management in future have also been studied. ...
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