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Return on Investment - Education Funding (Student) (Institution) 20th May 2013 Return on Investment- Education Funding Introduction My aim in this present research paper is to discuss extensively the expected return on my investment of pursuing a course in Business Administration.


To being with, it is of essence to note that Jackson and Mathis (2010) stated that Business Administration is a study on the process of managing a business or a non-profit organization so that it remains stable and continues to grow. Factors that led to my decision to pursue Business Administration My decision to pursue a course in Business Administration was based on my analysis of various factors that included my high school grades, current market demands, my personal interest, and capabilities, the cost of the course and the duration of the course. The most determining factor was my personal interest and capabilities. Over the past years, I have developed interest in the business community and of particular the chief executives officers of the blue chip companies in Wall Street because of their managerial skills. Examples of inspiring CEO include the late CEO of Apple Steve Jobs, former CEO of General Motors Mr. Jack Welch, the current CEO of Apple Inc Tim Cook, and the Yahoo CEO Ms. Marrisa Mayer, who all have excellent managerial skills. Based on the inspirations I knew that it was only through the study of Business Administration that I would equip myself with the necessary skills and knowledge that would enable me work in such roles once in my life. ...
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