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This case is about the different ways through which El-Con can optimize its shareholders wealth. In 2010, El-Con was requesting from Oakville Hydro amount of $450,000 for hydrovac truck and $50,000 to cover its working capital needs.


Rob Lister, the CEO of Oakville Hydo though that El-Con was qualified for the loan based on its recent performance though he did not know if granting the loan was in the best interest of Oakville Hydro company. Based on the company previous performance, there are several ways in which it could maximize and optimize its shareholders wealth. It is therefore recommendable for El-Con to seek different ways of maximizing the shareholders wealth before settling on the best. The best ways or strategies to optimize owners wealth is by ensuring continuous cash flow in the company. Different scenarios on which the firm can optimize its shareholders wealth will be discussed. The different scenarios for considerations include initial public offering and investing its excess funds to maximize profit, obtain a loan to obtain the required funds-Building credit and Shareholder wealth. 1. Initial public offering and investing its excess funds to maximize profit The company should hold initial public offerings and sell them as common stock to the public. Based on the previous performance, the company can thrive well without the common stock but should go for it in order to obtain enough funds to tend to all of its constructions needs. ...
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