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Finance and Accounting Internship Paper Name of the Student University Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Chapter 1: Introduction 5 1.1 Brief Insight of the General Contracting and Maintenance Industry in Abu Dhabi 5 1.2 Objective 6 1.3 Outline of the Study 6 Chapter 2: Wahat Al Wafa General Construction and Maintenance Company 7 2.1 Company Overview 7 2.2 Growth Manifesto 8 2.3 Products/ Services of the Company 10 2.4 Organizational Hierarchy 11 Chapter 3: Internship / Work Experience in Wahat Al Wafa General Construction and Maintenance Company 12 3.1 Work Setting (Department) 12 3.2 Job Description or Responsibilities 13 3.3 Work Experience 14 3.4 Achievements 15 Chapter 4: Recommendati


Ibrahim, one of the finance managers, who directly reported to the Vice-president Finance department. However, the received my daily tasks and assistance from the financial executives who were in Mr. Ibrahim’s team. Mr. Ibrahim evaluated my performance, which my senior provided me. I assisted financial executives in different accounting and financial management functions associated with the construction of few projects for eminent clients of Abu Dhabi. I assisted my managers in tasks ranging from posting expenses, and other transactions, calculating payroll, planning payment schedules, internal auditing, tax compilation, etc. It was a great learning experience because I could explore and actually understand various financial functions practically. Acknowledgement I would like to express my gratitude to Wahat Al Wafa General Construction and Maintenance Company, and Mr. ...
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