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Evaluation University Instructor Name June 13, 2013 Introduction New urbanism is a concept and theory that promotes communities created that are compact, walkable, integrated, and complete. These communities include housing, job and wok opportunity, parks and civic areas, education facilities and all needed facilities by most citizens within walking distance within their particular community.


Spurring this interest in the development of urban communities are problems related to sustainability; our constant increasing transportation capacity threatening our quality of lives through various ways. Individuals are spending more and more time in their cars and the inherent risks and problems associated with this make these communities highly valued. Over 40,000 individuals die in automobile accidents annually and with the constant population growth, roads and highways remain congested for hours for thousands of miles within the United States (Brown, & Damon, 2012). Billions are spent annually expanding road systems in order to meet the constantly increasing transportation needs. Vehicles are not only expensive to maintain but are the number one contributor to environmental pollution and are completely dependent on oil that is reaching its limit globally. Roads and other means and modes of transportation are one of the driving forces behind creating new urbanism communities. In developing solutions which were entertained the best options remain extensive train systems, while at the same time condensing our communities allowing citizens to walk, use bicycles and new technologies such as the Segway. ...
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