Financial Market in Abu Dhabi

Financial Market in Abu Dhabi Essay example
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The study have been prepared for understanding the position of the financial markets in the gulf region and focus on the functioning of the Abu Dhabi Financial Market, for the improvement in the economic condition of the financial market in UAE


The global environments where the strategies have been implemented to develop the financial markets have changed drastically because of the overall financial crisis. But the GCC (i.e. the Corporation Council of the Arab States in the Gulf Region) has a chance to succeed in developing the financial markets and consequently promoting their competitiveness. Economic condition in the GCC market is supported by the region’s wealth due to their high oil and gas supplies. The past few years of financial turmoil have also pointed out the challenges and the necessity to a bigger and more effective and mature financial markets. There are a large number of structural factors which will determine the development prospect related to the financial markets in the Gulf region in the next few years (Deutsche Bank AG, 2012). ...
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