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The financial market of Abu Dhabi is dominated by the banks and insurance companies of Abu Dhabi.The financial market has played a key role in the rapid growth of the energy sector and renewable energy industry of Abu Dhabi…


The laws and regulation of the financial market are favorable for investment. The financial market of Abu Dhabi is on the verge of expansion with the proposed establishment of the world financial market in Abu Dhabi by the end of 2013. Executive Summary The operations of the financial markets of Abu Dhabi have been explained in this work. The various sectors, financial institution and companies comprising the financial markets of Abu Dhabi have been identified. The places of the trading in the financial markets, operational performance of the market and the risk associated with the operations of the financial market in Abu Dhabi have been explained. The rational behind the investors’ preference towards Abu Dhabi financial market has been analyzed by the estimation of risk-return trade off. The proposed plans of expansion of the Abu Dhabi financial market have been indicated through this work. The policies of the Abu Dhabi financial market in order to encourage foreign investments have been analyzed. Operations The financial market of Abu Dhabi is comprised of companies in the financial industry that includes the banking sector and the insurance sector. There are as many as seventeen banks that operate in the financial market of Abu Dhabi. There are no less than twelve insurance companies in the financial market of Abu Dhabi. ...
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