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Dubai Financial Market Name of the Student American University in the Emirates Table of Contents INTRODUCTION 3 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 5 OPERATIONS 6 Bourse 6 Strategic Objectives and Organizational Structure 6 Members of DFM 7 Types of Securities 9 References 10 INTRODUCTION Dubai Financial Market (DFM) was founded as a sovereign corporate body, by the Ministry of Economy…


As it was stated by Executive Council, DFM was set as a Public Joint Stock Company, in United Arab Emirates (UAE). The paid up capital for DFM was ascertained to be AED 8 billion, that was used to allocate around 8 billion shares, which signifies AED 1.6 per share. It was also decided that around 20 percent of shares would be offered for the public subscription. Trading on DFM started in March 2007. DFM was created with the vision of creating a world class marketplace in the Gulf region. The five years stock chart of DFM in Figure 1 indicates that the stock prices sharply declined in 2009, which continued to be low till 2010, which revealed a minor increase. However, the stock prices again started diminishing throughout 2011 and in 2012 it came to the lowest point as it was in 2009 (DFM, 2011). Presently the stock prices are low and stagnant, and the DFM could not even reach the price hike of 2010. The mission was to provide the shareholders innovative services through trading, settlement, clearing, and depository of securities through transparent, liquid, and efficient environment. The organization was built on five key principles, namely, transparency, integrity, confidentiality, innovation and efficiency (Dubai Financial Market, 2013a). ...
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