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Financial Services Accessibility Title: The role of the government in the management of financial services for the growth and development of its citizens. Research Rationale In the past decade, the world has been plunged into a global economic crisis, with many countries, mostly the western developed states experiencing major economic difficulties and losses.


This paper shall mostly be a discussion of the relationship between people and finance, in terms of governments’ failures in managing the country’s wealth. In general, this essay shall be founded on the assumption that access to financial services is a development opportunity to many people when the government is unable or does not provide support to communities. This essay shall discuss the current situation in terms of financial services accessibility, the impact of government failures, and solutions to improving accessibility and development opportunity. Aims: What exactly do you want to achieve? Why? For this dissertation, I want to make an informative determination of the government and the roles it plays in the management of financial services for the people. Specifically, it seeks to: Determine the role of the government in financial services Regulatory and legislative impact of its actions The impact of regulation on the growth and development of the country in general Hypothesis: A testable claim or tentative solution to the research puzzle This study hypothesizes that the government has a significant role in the financial services of the people through its regulations as well as legislative acts. ...
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