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Table of Contents (A)Abstract. 2 (B)Main body 3 Portfolio Management 3 Johnson & Johnson 3 Pfizer 4 Exxon Mobil 4 Walmart 4 Recent Performance 5 Portfolios Optimisation 7 Portfolio improvement 7 Efficient portfolios 7 Portfolio optimization 7 Optimization constraints 8 Regulative constraints 8 Transaction prices 8 Mathematical tools used in portfolio optimization 9 Problems with portfolio optimization 9 Analysis and Evaluation 9 (C)Conclusion 14 References 15 (A) Abstract.


A portfolio once built and left alone is of no use. Hence, I have decided to carry out a trading simulation and an in depth analysis of the four companies that have been chosen by me. As all four of these companies provide different products and services, it is almost obvious that different returns are expected from each of these companies. Although the portfolio had been developed keeping in mind mainly the long term aspects but analysing it a short term may give us an insight about the future. The four companies that had been considered, along with an introduction and a summary of their latest performance, are: Johnson & Johnson Pfizer Exxon Mobil Walmart Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson is a multinational U.S based company. It was founded in 1886. It deals in pharmaceutics, medical devices along with the manufacturing of consumer packaged goods. Johnson & Johnson comprises of One of the world’s biggest and diversified medical devices company The 6th biggest company with respect to biologics and also with respect to consumer health. Ranked 8th with respect to the world’s biggest pharmaceutics company The headquarters of Johnson & Johnson is situated in New Brunswick, which is in New Jersey USA. ...
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