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Dissertation example - Analysing the Impact of Capital Structure on the Performance of UK Financial Institutions

Analysing the Impact of Capital Structure on the Performance of UK Financial Institutions Dissertation example
Finance & Accounting
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ANALYSING THE IMPACT OF CAPITAL STRUCTURE ON THE PERFORMANCE OF UK FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Table of Contents Chapter 1: Introduction 5 1.1. Background of the Study 5 1.2. Problem Formulation 9 1.3. Research Objectives 9 1.4. Significance of the Study 9 1.5…

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The Miller-Modigliani Theory 15 2.4.3. Pecking Order Theory 16 2.4.4. The Agency Cost Theory 18 2.5. Potential Determinants of Capital Structure 19 2.6. Statement of the Problem 26 Chapter 3: Data and Methods 28 3.1. Research Methodology 28 3.2. Research Purpose and Research Approach 29 3.3. Qualitative Research 29 3.4. Quantitative Research 30 3.5. Primary Research 30 3.6. Secondary Research 31 Chapter 4: Analysis and Results 34 4.1. Overview 34 4.2. Selection of Dependent Variables and Independent Variables 35 4.3. Data Analysis Techniques 36 4.4. Fieldwork and Data Collection 37 4.5. Hypotheses Formulation and Variable Selection 38 4.6. Data Sources and Data Presentation 44 Chapter 5: Discussion and Interpretation of Findings 50 5.1. Data Analysis and Discussion 50 5.2. Regression Results 51 Table 5.2.1 - The Regression Analysis of RBS 53 Table 5.2.2 - The Regression Analysis of Standard Chartered Plc 54 Table 5.2.3 - The Regression Analysis of Lloyds Group Plc 55 Table 5.2.4 - The Regression Analysis of Barclays Plc 56 5.3. Robustness of Statistical Data 58 5.4. Interpretation of Findings 60 Chapter 6: Discussion and Conclusion 63 6.1. Summary 63 6.2. Theoretical Implications 65 6.3. Practical Implications 65 6.4. Limitations 67 6.5. Directions for Future Research 67 6.6. ...
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