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Finance & Accounting
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Financial management in Non Profit Organizations Name of the Student University Executive Summary The need to portray effectiveness in any kind of organization requires the utilization of resources and transforms them into valuable products, services and offerings…

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The report is prepared with the sole intent to study the various financial management practices in a non-profit organization. The author of the study will highlight the various financial management practices that ensure smooth operations of the business. It also highlights the difference in the financial management practices between profit and nonprofit organizations. The author of the study will also provide certain inputs which will help in the betterment of the nonprofit organization and help in achievement of goals and objectives. It was essential to conduct this study to understand the impact of financial management practices on the organizational performance of NPO. Introduction: Financial Management in Non-Profit Organization Nonprofit organizations form an essential part of the society and exist to provide certain benefits for the members of the society. They actually vary in size from large to small clubs and the operations are based on receipt of grants, donations, fundraising or receipt from members as the principal source of income. In certain instances nonprofit organizations (NPO) supplement income with the trading activities. Although, NPO operate on a nonprofit basis suitable practice of financial management ensures that there are sufficient resources and cash meant for operations of NPO. ...
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