proposal of analyzing Hershey's stock price and this firm

proposal of analyzing Hershey
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Name: Institution: Tutor: Course: Date: Proposal of Analyzing Hershey's Stock Price Executive Summary A stock analysis of the company reveals that it is a viable place where one can invests in as the returns from the stock market for its name are huge. A P/E ratio valuation of the firm’s stocks reveals that Hershey Company has a higher chance of generating higher future incomes.


Using the results of the following report, my recommendation will be to invest into the Hershey stocks, as the company’s performance in the industry is commendable as well as its stock’s performance. After thoroughly analyzing the stocks of Hershey Company, I would note that the company has a potential for a continued appreciation for the value of its stock price in the stock market. However, my analyst recommendation in overall would be a buy of the shares and not a strong purchse for the stocks of the company. The reason for this is due to the rapid increase in the company’s share price and a relatively high P/E ratio. My recommendations based on my review of the company’s financial indicators, its opportunities for future growth and its comparison to the main competitors in the field (Fridson, Martin and Fernando 75). A detailed analysis that led to the drawing of my conclusion is as discussed in the report below. Brief description of Hershey Company The Hershey Chocolate Company is a US-based firm that is incorporated according to the laws of the State of Delaware. However, the company was founded in 1894 by Milton S. Hershey. Since that time, the company has remained as the leading manufacturer of chocolates and other sugary confectionaries, and has a marketing base of about 42.5% in North America. ...
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