The Importance Of Financing Smes In Oman - Government Intervention

The Importance Of Financing Smes In Oman - Government Intervention   Dissertation example
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Internationalisation has been the subject of research study for many past researches. However, very little knowledge is available regarding the internationalisation process followed by the SMEs in Oman.


It is so because the business environment in Oman is different from that of the western countries. Hence, to examine this argument, this research study focuses on the internationalisation approaches followed by the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Oman. The decision makers of four SMEs in Oman have been interviewed in this research study. The collected data from the interviews and other secondary researches have been analysed using two approaches namely, within case analysis and cross case analysis. The findings obtained from this research study has been compared with the relevant literature on internationalisation process that exists like the theoretical framework of international new ventures (INVs) and the Uppsala School's internationalisation process model (U-model). The findings of this research study suggest that the internationalisation behaviours of SMEs in Oman are not completely different from that of the firms in the western countries. The INVs framework and the U-model cannot explain the internationalisation process of SMEs in Oman on its own. However both these models have explained the internationalisation patterns in different ways. ...
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