Foreign Investment in Oil and Gas Sector in Kurdistan Region of Iraq - Dissertation Example

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Foreign Investment in Oil and Gas Sector in Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Historically, the Middle East, a land known for its rich Sheikhs and vast sandy topography, was and is extremely enriched in petroleum reserves. Petroleum extraction and refinery is the prime industry in the Middle East and export of petroleum and gas is the main trading product. Middle East has little arable land and any other type of minerals apart from petroleum is almost absent. These have forced the region to resort to the best thing they are capable of. Among the oil producing nations of the Middle East; Saudi Arabia holds the top spot followed by Iran and Iraq (Leverett and Bader, 2005). Petroleum and the Middle East share a complex political relation with the rest of the world; especially with the developed nations. The developed nations are highly industrialized and they need fuel to sustain their economic growth. This has often led to their involvement in Middle East politics with a sole goal of controlling the largest share of the oil reservoirs and refineries along with the land through which the pipeline (carrying oil and gas) passes (Leverett and Bader, 2005). Even the latest war against Taliban and their eventual obliteration might have been linked to the settlement of a peaceful pathway for petroleum and gas line that was getting disturbed by the anti American sentiments of the Taliban (Kull, Ramsey and Lewis, 2002).The present paper concentrates on the foreign direct investment in oil and gas sector in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. ...
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The paper is about the Foreign Investment in Oil and Gas Sector in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. In the present report, we discussed different factors that are associated with the foreign direct investment in this region and the role played by the government to attract the FDI to boost the economy of the region …
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