the effect of interest rate liberalization to the risk of commercial banks in china

the effect of interest rate liberalization to the risk of  commercial banks in china Dissertation example
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The Effect of interest rate Liberalization on the risk of commercial banks in China [Name] [Course] [Professor’s name] [Date] INTRODUCTION The Chinese civilization has passed through many upheavals; imperial domination, feudal and foreign nexus, foreign exploitation, communist ruling followed by a certain liberal flow of air initiated by Deng Xiaoping.


Among the principle products that dominated the ancient China’s heydays regarding international trade were; gun powder, printed paper, fine porcelain works and extremely high class silk products. However the nation moved into a cocoon of self indulgence during the Quing dynasty that lasted till the communist ruling under Mao Ze Dong (Bodde, 1942; Chow, 2005, p.1). Such transformation in terms of behavior regarding international trade was not unexpected. China was subject to high level of exploitation by the monarchies and the society was full of hierarchies. Later when the monarchy started to erode a much worse nexus between the self seeking feudal lords along with the foreigners who came into China as a business man but with much greater ambition and goals emptied the Chinese people of their last faith on international trade and that got only aggravated through the opium war (Mou, 2009, p.483; Dutta, 2006). Until the emergence of Sun Yet Sen as a political leader and global face for Chinese people China was highly exploited and remained as a culturally backward country struggling highly against its intra and inter conflicts. In that sense Sun Yet Sen might be called as the father of the modern China. ...
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