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Consumer expectations; shifts and UPS response It is without question that consumers within the past several years have begun to expect different realities from goods and services providers. One of these shifted layers of expectation can be understood within the context of how the past several years have changed consumer expectations with respect to the overall levels of sustainability that a given business reflects and seeks to promote.


Key issues and such as the melting of the polarized caps, global climate change, the impacts and facts of CO2 emissions, increased awareness for the impacts of oil and gas drilling, and a host of other factors all contribute to the increased awareness and concern that consumers are reflecting towards business with regards to sustainability issues. Within such a context, it is readily noted throughout the corporate sustainability piece in question that UPS has actively engaged in seeking to promote a further level of green business and sustainability at each and every stage of their corporate structure. All the way from maximizing efficiency by utilizing advanced computer programs and metrics to plan and pack each and every plane or product that carries packages for the efficiency to utilizing LPG as a low impact/low CO2 fuel for the transit of packages and many other factors, the firm has shown a clear and definitive concern both for the demands of the consumer and the future prospects of the environment. ...
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