public private partnerships in healthcare sector in middle income countries

public private partnerships in healthcare sector in middle income countries Literature review example
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Provision of healthcare by private sector in low and middle-income nations is often argued to be resourceful, responsible and sustainable compared to the public healthcare delivery systems. However, the public sector is often considered to be able to offer more equitable as well as evidence-based care thus, the literature review evaluates the performance impact of the partnership between private and public health sectors within low and middle-income nations.


As well, theoretical as well as empirical studies point to the potential contribution of private sector to reforms aimed at improving the quality and accessibility of health systems. The focus of the study is the increased focus of public-private partnerships (PPP) as a way of increasing capital finance as well as improving the efficiency and quality of service provision in low and middle-income countries. The partnership involves the public sector entering into long-term contract with private sector in order to enable the public sector access private capital for building and renovating health facilities and agreeing to deliver services over the contract period. Such contracts are designed and agreed upon some pre-determined specifications of the required outputs and define the financial, working and clinical standards, which the private sector has to meet. In low and middle-income nations, governments remain the ultimate funder of health care by making periodic payments to private sector in return for services delivered (Hellowell, 2012 p.71). ...
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