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Analysis.Corporate Sustainability - Case Study Example

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Corporate Sustainability Contents Changes in Stakeholder Expectations of Firms 3 UPS Response to Stakeholder Expectations 3 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 4 Benefits of the Corporate Sustainability Report 5 Stakeholders Benefits From the UPS Initiatives 6 Reference 8 Changes in Stakeholder Expectations of Firms This case analysis aims at examining the managerial capability of UPS 2009in terms of sustainability and corporate social responsibility…

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Analysis.Corporate Sustainability

In case of initiatives such as organizational change, a stakeholder can be regarded as any individual whose support, participation of decision might have an influence on the outcome of that initiative. In short any person who influences an organization and gets influenced by any change in the organization can be referred to as a stakeholder. In Case of UPS, the major stakeholders will be customers, competitors, government and suppliers. With the change in the definition, the stakeholder’s expectations and their overall influence have also changed. In the presence business environment, the power as well as influence of the stakeholders has increased. The customers have become more educated, quality oriented as well as more demanding. As more and more products and services are being launched, customer loyalty is decreasing. Today, customers look for more options such as discounts, freebies, customer services etc. Apart from this, the government scenario has also changed. Since UPS is a transport and logistics organization and is involved in local and international travelling, government intervention is regular and the company has to go through many check points. ...
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