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Internship Report Table of Contents 1. Presentation of company 3 2. Presentation of department 5 3. Presentation of your role and specific tasks 6 a) Description of position: Project manager Assistant 6 b) Description of tasks and objectives 7 c) Difficulties and challenges encountered 8 d) Work procedures 9 e) List and description of objectives accomplished 11 f) Analysis and synopsis of objectives reached (quantitative and qualitative 12 Quantitative evaluation 12 Qualitative evaluation 15 g) Relevance of internship with studies 15 4.


Most of the fudging is done in minute level and thus it becomes hard to be detected by someone who does not have knowledge and as well as experience to perform auditing and verification of the accounts. In order to perform account verification a small, family-owned organization is hired in order to verify the clients’ accounts’ reliability and transparency. The firm also it also tries to establish taxation strategies for its clients in order to reduce the taxes’ amount to be paid. The financial statements contain vital information pertaining to aspects like financial soundness and stability. Sometimes the companies and organizations are not aware of the unnecessary costs that bear down heavily on the revenue (Alchain 780). Application of specific techniques like ratio analysis and balance sheet analysis help the companies in developing specific strategies to increase the revenue and at same time decrease the costs. Financial diagnoses are performed by the firm by identifying the less productive functions of a given company. ...
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