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Assignment 1: Review of Accounting Ethics Accounting scandals or breaches have been in the lime light for the past fifty years and so. Due to such scandals, the regulators have established specific accounting standards such International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and many others in order to combat the users of financial statements with the legal and ethical breaches.


Other reasons behind such accounting ethical breaches are the avoidance of taxes, prevention from a legal or regulatory consequence, approving the loans from the financial institutions, etc. (Weil, 2012) The importance of accounting ethical breaches is highlighted more especially in the events when the public money is involved in the financing of the organizations. Such organizations which are keen enough to attract the external financing through representation of general-public are willing to portray their desired financial results to the upcoming investors of the organization. By such ready-made results, these organizations tend to mislead the investors so that their shares can be fully subscribed and the company can raise their required amount of money in the first stance. Besides the accounting standards, there are some code of ethics have been issued by the regulators to assist the companies in making their financial statements more ethical. ...
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