A Financial Ratio Quarterly Trend Analysis of Kia Motors.
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Kia Motors Corporation which is headquartered in Seoul Korea was established in 1944 (Funding Universe n.d.). The company manufactures and sells various types of automobiles including commercial, passenger and recreational vehicles. Kia which operates subsidiaries in the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, China and Slovakia is currently engaged in developing various new technologies that will facilitate the manufacturing of eco-friendly motor vehicles including hybrid-electric vehicles (HEVs).
Cost Analysis for Decision Making
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative? Who benefits and who loses? Following are the alternatives that have been worked and their comparative cost and benefit analysis are performed. Alternative A: It is the status quo. (i.e., Liquid Chemical Co.
Balanced Scorecard Dissertation
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s 15 4.10 The expediency of the Balanced Scorecard to Performance Management System of Commercial Banks of China 20 4.11 Summary 21 5.0 Research Methodology 22 6.0 The Balanced Scorecard in the Chinese Commercial Banking Sector – Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) 22 7.0 Context 22 8.0 Findings 24 9.0 Interpretation 24 9.1 Extent of Leaders’ Support 27 9.2 Preparation for Implementation 27 9.3 Management ‘Informatization’ 28 9.4 Cost and Benefit 29 9.5 Incentive System 29 10.0 Conclusion 30 Reference 31 Bibliography 34 1.0 Introduction The phrase “Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement.
Developing Professional Practice
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Every unit in a course is meant to better student. Developing professional practice in not exceptional, it has enhanced professionalism, knowledge development and personal learning and development in regard to occupation etiquettes and mannerism (Blandford and Knowles, 2009).
Professional Accountant assignment
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Professional accountant Assignment Part 1 a) Comparison of the UK approach to governance with the US approach United States corporations abide by a rules-based approach to corporate governance. Most of them rely on the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002. This law was passed in order to restore public confidence in corporations after their failure to exhibit prudent judgement (International Corporate Governance Network, 2009).
McDonald's Cost Control
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One of the toughest jobs of a financial manager is cost control. Cost control is an old concept and large organizations usually have specialists for this job. Many organizations employ operations managers to make sure that there is no wastage of resources or operations are not over utilizing the resources.
IAS 17 "Leases"
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The author thinks that the existing IAS provides a very simple treatment in case of operating lease such that it is not allowed to represent the leased asset under operating lease as part of the assets of the lessee’s balance sheet. Last section of this article critically examines the loopholes in the existing accounting standard.
Hewlett Foundation Case Study
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Most likely, a rational investor will choose the best portfolio and screen out the ones that are not essential based on objective criteria. A good portfolio is characterized by high returns on investment
Differences between Islamic and Conventional Banking
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This may depend on the geographical and demographical position of the system, the social structure that surrounds it, among many other factors (Quresh, Hussain & Rehman 2012). The Islamic community dictates that things must be done differently, so that the culture and traditions of people can be maintained.
Share Trading Assignment
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for Technical Analysis 20 Appendix – B 21 Introduction A portfolio is group of securities such as bonds, stocks, commodities, and derivatives where an investor invests his or her money to mitigate the risk of holding a particular asset through diversification.
The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) method of Lloyds TSB Bank
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It describes different strategies Lloyds takes in order to accomplish the organisational objectives. The balanced scorecard provides a reasonable view of organisational performance. In Lloyds, BSC has assisted to disclose the major performance activities.
Harmonisation of Accounting Standards
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For a long time, accountants in various countries around the world have deemed it necessary to bridge the gap between different aspects of accounting; this can only be achieved through harmonization of the different accounting standards around the world. Despite this, there are still some variants of accounting practices that are very independent and strong, and therefore they act as obstacles to harmonization.
"There is no place for judgement in accounting it's simply mathematics and a precise subject." Explore the above statement
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The conceptual framework includes the principles, regulations and rules that are to be followed by accounting officials while preparing and presenting financial statements. The international accounting standards board (IASB) uses the conceptual framework as a statistical tool in order to develop and revise the international financial reporting standards (IFRS).
Corporate sustainability reporting
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The purpose of sustainable development of the company is to meet the needs and requirements of the present without compromising the capability of future generations to meet their own needs and requirements. One of the key challenges of sustainable development of a company is that it demands innovative and new choices and methods of thinking.
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In this scenario, using the Internet for performing business tasks is known as the e-commerce. According to (Laudon & Laudon, 1999, p. 25) “electronic commerce is the process of selling and purchasing products goods or services electronically with computerized business transactions which are supported through the Internet, networks, and other digital technologies” (Laudon & Laudon, 1999, p.
The mechanism of the money multiplier
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First, an overview of money measure will be put forth. Secondly, the mechanism in light of money multiplier will then be explained by use of symbols and equations to elaborate the cyclical variations in the multiplier factor.
financial management
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aterials [1], variable cost related to labor and fixed costs such as rent and depreciation of property plant and equipment. The ratio is calculated by dividing the sales revenue by the gross profit. If we analyze the gross profit margin trend of the company it appears that there is marginal change in the percentage over the prior two financial years.
Judgement in Accounting
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The purpose of this essay is to argue the fact that accounting is simply mathematics and a precise subject as compared to the belief that it involves judgment and other critical thinking tools. First of all, by definition, accounting is an important tool used in evaluating the operations of a business through the use of bookkeeping methods that related to financial records of business transactions and preparations of asset statements.
Personal statement
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Here, I want to illustrate my academic, professional, and personal qualities that will qualify me for the above mentioned degree. To introduce me, my name is Vivi. I am a Chinese national. I have studied for two years in Henan University of Technology in a four year program of Accounting and Finance.
The Capital Asset Pricing Model
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It is essentially used to price the most risky assets. As a mathematical model for equilibrium in financial markets and portfolio theory (Markowitz), the CAPM core basis is the relationship that exists between the risk of a security and its yield, and it is measured through a single beta factor for risk (Plesmann, 2010.p.54).
Case Analysis-Milton Manufacturing Company
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Milton Manufacturing Company is dedicated to the production of textiles that are distributed to wholesalers of clothing items. The textile industry is a huge business with global trade valued at $18 trillion (Baig). The corporate headquarters of the firm is located in Long Island, New York.
Critically evaluate the benefits and disadvantages of expansion via organic growth versus expansion via acquisition. using real
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It is very true of the latest high trends, as per Reuters (2013, October 4), it is forcing disinterested companies to adopt “poison pill”, applied to put on hold undesired takeover -- the shareholder right plan in case an investor buys out more than 10% shares.
Basel Accord
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The present study would focus on the organization responsible for monitoring international banking is the Basel Committee on Bank Supervision, or BCBS. One of their major focuses is in regulating a bank’s capital. These concerns were considered and resulted in the establishment of the standards of banks to meet capital adequacy; these standards are all called the Basel Accords.
Financial Management in Nonprofit Organizations
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They accomplish a wide variety of tasks and services. Non-profit organizations can be public serving as well as member serving. Public serving are those which serve the public or charities and member serving are those that serve the interests of members. Non-profit organizations are applicable all over a country i.e.
Detroit Bankruptcy
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The proceeding provides protection to financially distressed municipalities from creditors through the creation of a financial plan aimed at settling the debt. The purpose of the filing was to extend the loan terms while maintaining a lid on the interest rates.
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BALANCED SCORECARD WEEK 6 Executive Summary Balanced Scorecard is an important tool developed to measure the level of performance mainly of the employees in an organization. Procter and Gamble (P&G) is a reputed FMCG company which operates its business worldwide.
Mercury Athletic Footwear Case Study: Corporate Valuation
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John Liedtke and Active Gear would have to be very careful that the new acquisition does not only distract from their own continued and steady growth and that the reasons for which West Coast Fashions saw it fit to get rid of Mercury do not bog down Active Gear in the same way.
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Controls systems usually contain procedures designed to check, regulate, restrict and authenticate the use and access of a system or any
Tesla Motors Annual Analysis
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Its gives an overview of the companies incentives and/or investment risks. The sole aim of purpose of this report is to analyze the financial statements of Tesla Motors. PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP the accounting and auditing firm
supply chain management (SCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
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To remain competitive these organizations have resorted to build better relationships with their supply chain partners and most of all with their customers. This paper looks at the difference between traditional management systems
Hermes financial analysis
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The company tries achieving competitive advantages in the fashion industry by maintaining their human touch and diversifying itself through providing a number of different products. The main
Using target costing to improve profitability
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Cost reduction means that the profit margin shows positive progress. The essay will focus on how target costing improves profitability of an enterprise once implemented via
Do you think the FASB made the correct decision in requiring consolidated financial statements to recognize all subsidiary's assets and liabilities at fair value regardless of the percentage ownership acquired by the parent?
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The discussion will attempt to address the primary question framed as follows: Does the researcher think the FASB made the correct decision in requiring consolidated financial statements to recognize all subsidiary's assets and liabilities at fair value regardless of the percentage ownership acquired by the parent?
Health and social care understand specific needs
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Biomedical examination may limit it to the condition freeness from a disease. World health organization defines it as that state of the body where there is complete
Tesla Motors
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The tesla was famous following the production of the perfect tesla roadster that was the first full electric sports car. The firm’s second model was the model S that is a fully electric luxury sedan then the next
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The formula is given as: risk free rate added to beta multiplied by the difference of market return and risk free rate. Beta in this case represents a stock’s rate of rise and fall in comparison to the market in general. It is a measure of the sensitivity of an assets
According to Mautz and Sharaf (1961), one of the justifications for a substantial investment into the possibility and nature of auditing theory, is the hope that it will provide us with solutions, or at least clues to solutions of problems we now find dif
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Audits play an important role in the economy by strengthening accountability among public and reinforcing trust and confidence regarding financial reporting. It helps to enhance economic prosperity as well as the number of transactions that people are prepared
Case 93,Electro Technology
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In the DCF methodology, past and fiscal data and current trends are used to estimate the firms upcoming cash flow. A discount rate based on the insecurity of the cash flow is then determined (Brigham
Individual reflection and personal development plan
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It is said that a person can do anything he or she put his or her mind in. Having come across this statement, I took my time to reflect on what I wanted to achieve in my life.
Management and Financial Accounting
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Management Accounting is also useful for preparing the accounts for the non management group such as shareholders, tax authorities and regulatory agencies. This also includes of preparing the Formulation of plans and budgets which will be converted into financial accounts.
Share Trading Assignment
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I am requesting funding in the amount of 100,000 pounds in total estimated capital cost. Your consideration is greatly appreciated. I would like to acknowledge the great service provided by the London stock exchange in the information provided in order to write this
Tax Assignment
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ng into these taxes, we need to understand the records to be maintained for an ongoing business concern or a proprietorship concern for that matter getting converted to a company format. These include: Formation of a company has major benefits in terms of liability of partners
Auditing Theory and Practice
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The professional bodies have been working on the ethical standards for a long time. Consequently, they enlist principles and threats to them. Moreover, the professional bodies also provide examples explaining
critically evaluates the process of global harmonisation of financial reporting.
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These standards guide corporate entities as to how the items constituting financial statements should be presented in annual and quarterly
Financial Management
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nonprofit organizations and subsequently offers a comparison and distinction between the application of financial management techniques in nonprofit and for-profit organizations. In achieving this, this paper focuses on the sources of funds, use of debt, performance evaluation,
Financial Resource Management
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Tesco plc is a constituent of FTSE 100, a global grocery and merchandise retailer. Tesco being the second largest retailer by profit after Wal-Mart and third largest by revenues following Wal-Mart and Carrefour have stores worldwide in 14 countries like Asia, North America and Europe.
Determinants of Capital Structure of Listed Saudi Arabian Companies
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Although the business may be operationally efficient and cost-effective, the wrong capital mix could introduce unnecessary inefficiencies and costs that could undermine the firm’s profitability and success.
Financial Conservative Policies Depend on Financial Distress
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Financial conservatism is the attitude that the financial statements of many companies operating either in a risk prone environment or undergoing a tough financial phase, are found to adopt. These policies typically, reflect an environment where the companies are endowed with large cash balances and low leverage.
Differences between internal and external audit
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The internal audit function seeks determine to express an opinion on whether an entity’s financial statements show a true and fair view of the companies operations. Inclusive in showing a fair view is the need to ensure that it has been prepared in accordance with accepted accounting standards.
The role of accounting system in the UK for motivation
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However, it was argued that not all of the firms that have adopted the said strategies have experienced the intended performance. It is because of this that recent accounting literature has suggested the importance of accounting systems.
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