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The moon

The parts that fragmented from this impact came together to form what is now seen as the moon (Howell 2014). A recent study by scientists upon a rock drawn from Apollo mission on the moon shows some evidence of this occurrence. The new research shows isotopic differences between the moons rock and those from the earth. The importance of this development is that it shows that a body of different composition must have caused the difference. If the moon came from Theia which is different from the earth, then the composition must be different. The scanning was done on samples from three Apollo missions 11, 12 and 16 with electron microscopes that are way better than what was used in the 60s and 70s when scientists took a first look at the rocks. By then, the microscopes could not allow them to detect any significant differences. The recent findings have it that the moon has 12 parts per million-17 greater oxygen content than that of the earth (Henney 2014). One of the most obvious effects of the moon on earth is the presence of ocean tides, especially the spring tides which occur when the gravitational pulling of the earth combines with that of the moon to cause the highest rise. The rise of the sea and the fall of the same have major effect of sea life as life is exposed to air and dipped in water in a matter of hours. This shift is thought to be a major influence to evolution. The moon also has an effect on the rising tides of solid bodies on earth. ...Show more


One of the uniqueness of the earth among the terrestrial planets is the fact that it has a large satellite, also called the moon. The moon in relation to the earth, has the largest mass when it comes to comparing it to any other satellite-parent in existence (Astronomy Today, 2014). A number of evidences have proved that the moon was formed from the earth as a result of an impact that occurred soon after the earth was formed. …
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The moon essay example
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