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Gender and Sexual Studies

Thirdly, racism and ethnic background are important aspects governing the professions (Kempadoo 10). Sex workers and domestic workers move from their native countries in search of better economic activity (Kempadoo and Mahdavi). In other words, sex work and domestic work are used to generate income that is aimed at the family’s welfare and survival (Kempadoo 4). Fourthly, some of the participants in the professions are victims of human trafficking and are often mistreated and beaten in carrying out their duties (Mahdavi 63). Fifthly, a considerable number of those who were interviewed detest their work and practice it as they lack a better option (Mahdavi 77). Finally, most of the participants are young women from countries with poor economic conditions resulting from globalization (Mahdavi 63). Misperceptions about These Careers. Most professions in the world have prevalent misconceptions which spread across the globe. The first misconception about domestic work and sex work is that people tend to think that all the partakers of the profession were forced, therefore conclude that all transnational workers were trafficked and recruited into the professions against their will (Mahdavi 62). Most certainly, there are those who are victims of this crime, but on the contrary there are those who willingly engage in these jobs. The second misperception views sex work and domestic work as an identity rather than sources of income. This notion has impeded the recognition of sex work and domestic work as labor thereby prevents probable protections that can strengthen labor laws relating to the professions. Last but not least, there is a worldwide misconception that ending trafficking is relying on the demand for sex. ...
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NPeople tend to think that domestic work and sex work are different. There are some major differences and similarities between the two. …
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