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The importance of making a living is repeatedly told by the parents so that their children can understand that they have to earn sooner and later in their lives. Additionally the philosophy of work is worship is also quite prevalent in developed nations and therefore elders encourage the next generation towards living a productive life in the community. The above mentioned positive attitude is indeed helping strong economies in maintaining a higher level of living standards. When the majority of the individuals make their own living then the burden of the society divides that causes a notable improvement in the community. But in case of underdeveloped or developing country's skilled labor and highly educated people are rare and therefore the responsibility of economic welfare of four to ten people resides on the shoulders of one individual. The aforementioned condition is causing a significant hindrance in the process of fiscal development as more than seventy percent of the workforce is unwilling to work at all. The lack of education is also considered as a leading cause of poor economic conditions in the third world (O’Higgins, 2003 pp 8). ...
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Application of Youth Work: A Literature Review Name Institution Application of Youth Work: A Literature Review Introduction The youth is considered as an important part of any nation’s population as they are responsible to take over all the major operations in a few years (Young, 1999 pp.3)…
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