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On the other hand, baby girls prefer nurturing, cooperative, and dolls play. In school, most boys excel in math and science subjects while girls in art and literature. Girls read, write, and talk earlier than boys do. Girls are also more empathetic and emotional with other people than boys. However, boys are physically active and more aggressive than girls. According to Kimmel (22), the hormonal and genetic factors define gender differences. This research assumes that biological sex determined behavioural differences. This research shows that, the variation in gender is explored in the definitions of femininity and masculinity. Biologically, men carry different levels of testosterone and brain structure than women. This explains why most men are sex driven than women. It also explains why most women are more emotional, moody, and sensitive than men. Still, newborn girls are sensitive to sound and touch than newborn boys. They also show more interest in holding eye contact and communicating with others than boys. Girls with CAH, which is an enzyme deficiency that produces male hormones in girls’ foetus, may show interest in sports activities and become more muscular in future. However, other studies reveal nature plays a crucial role on gender stereotypes. ...
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Instructor Date Gender and Sexual Studies For the past decades, there have been contentious issues on the subject of gender differences especially on the aspect of nurture versus nature. Some people suggest that nature plays a crucial role in defining gender differences while others believe that nurture is what differentiates children behaviour…
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