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White on Black by Jan Nederveen - Book Report/Review Example


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White on Black by Jan Nederveen

The general presentation of the author can be described as coherent, well organized and precise. This was achieved through a number of means including the chronology of events, starting right from the medieval times and entering perfectly in colonial periods, then transiting into the periods of slavery and its abolition. There was also a lot of visual rather than the abstract understanding of concepts presented due to the image rich nature of the presentation. In all the arguments, quality can be said to be a key principle because the author avoided being subjective in most of the cases. Rather than being subjective, the writer was very objective with events and activities as they happened in history. The nature of the selection of events made in the chapters under consideration also makes the arguments of high quality because it would be noted that only arguments that related directly to the central theme of the chapters and the book in, general were focused on. Whiles doing this, the writer paid particular attention to the use of evidence by largely quoting secondary sources and in some cases, primary sources. The use of secondary evidence was however ore than primary evidence, making the chapters have some level of doubt with the credibility of evidence as secondary sources are not firsthand sources. Instead of the overreliance on secondary sources, there are key primary evidences or sources that could have been of importance to the material if used. For example there remain primary

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The central theme I am using to connect these extracts are hunger, emotional, educational and physical hunger. Richard Wrights "Black Boy" tells the story of his personal struggle as a black boy growing up in 20s America in Jim Crow South. However, it is also a social and political commentary on the historical position of black people in the United States at that time and as such the book offers a wider commentary beyond the personal experience of one boy.
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Frantz Fanons Black Skin, White Masks
Dealing specifically with the problems inherent in language and culture, Fanon argues that the black man can only define himself negatively "in relation to the white man"; he is forced to exist in several senses simultaneously corresponding to the roles in which he is cast (Fanon 2002, 333).
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However, these criticisms do not diminish the important contribution made by Fanon for a deeper analysis would reveal the sexual relations and tensions between white men and women and black men and women. Fanon's work revealed that the roots of black-white as well as male-female conflict run deep in our collective histories.
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Book review on Hill, Lawrence. Black Berry, Sweet Juice: On Being Black and White in Canada. Toronto: Perennial Canada/Harper Flamingo Canada, 2001
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Black Athens

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evidence of some key acts of Black discrimination, slavery and abuse of power against what the author captures as the Black Continent in most museums around the world. Regardless of the absence of sufficient primary evidence and sources, it can be said that the arguments that were presented by the writer were highly persuasive. The commonest element of writing that the writer used in achieving such high level of persuasion was the fact that arguments were presented devoid of subjective and discretional judgments of events. This way, the reader is presented with an opportunity of descending very deeply into the arguments made and making personalized judgments in


The first three chapters of “White on Black” are all captioned under the title of “Africa”, which makes up the first part of the book. In these first three chapters of the book, Jan Nederveen Pieterse brings out the total theme or idea of the birth of European supremacy over the African. …
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White on Black by Jan Nederveen essay example
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