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Solitary Effects

The Male Dominance Effect Introduction In Chapter 12 of The Second Sex entitled ‘The Woman in Love’, the author gives a description of how women love inside and outside marriage or, in essence, how they want to be loved by their partners. As argued by Cecile Sauvage: “When the woman loves, she must forget her own personality. This is a law of nature. A woman does not exist without a master. Without a master, she is a scattered bouquet” (De Beauvoir 683). This statement suggests that women in intimate relationships want to be dominated or, in essence, they are attracted to dominant men. This research paper will examine this prevailing idea that women are attracted to dominant men. More particularly, this paper will try to answer the following questions: (1) Do women prefer dominant men as husbands? (2) Do women prefer to be dominated by their male partners? In order to answer the abovementioned questions secondary literature will be reviewed, particularly empirical studies related to the topic. Essentially, the objective of this paper is to determine whether women themselves prefer to be dominated by their male partner or that they simply do not have a choice. De Beauvoir (2012) herself investigates how women strengthen their own subordination to male dominance. ...
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Name of of Professor Abstract This paper argues that most women indeed prefer dominant men as their partner in life. They want to feel secure and be dominated in their personal relationships, especially in marriage…
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