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Islam and Feminism

Viewed as a Western ideology, feminism has both differences and similarities between Middle Eastern Muslim feminists and Western feminists, as well as third-wave feminism. Feminism is largely triggered by cultural and traditional factors and may not be fully compatible with Islam, and many groups are split as to whether Muslim feminists are trying to achieve human rights or their feminist rights like Western women. This paper will research and discuss these aspects of feminism by analyzing Duygu Asena, who was a Turkish Muslim feminist, hence the thesis: Feminism is a Western ideology and it is not compatible with Islam. Even though there is a group that understands and advocates the rights of Muslim women, there is another that hates feminism as an ideology of the Western world that is only concerned with female superiority. It is worth noting that feminism, in the sense of a Universalist faith, gained momentum in the 19th century, with the concept emerging from the Western world. ...
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Islam and Feminism Feminism is comprised of ideologies and movements for economic, political and social equality for women and, from this abstract definition, three components can be derived from the concept of feminism. Being a movement, it implies groups that work towards accomplishing specific objectives; the objectives, by virtue of their political and social nature, mean that the groups must engage laws, governments and social beliefs and practices; and, the achievement of the objectives must be facilitated by sufficient access to information that will enable feminists arrive at responsible choices…
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