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Good Cholesterol and Breast Cancer risk

This phenomenon reduces the risk of heart diseases but at the same time HDL also stimulates migration and activates signal transduction pathways in the human breast cancer cell lines, thus acting like a catalyst in the development of breast cancer. Thus knocking down the HDL receptor, SR-BI by some pharmacological methodologies play an essential role in regulating cellular proliferation and migration, thus controlling the growth of tumor cells, and hence SR-BI can be essentially used in the treatment of breast cancer in humans. The Popular article, Good cholesterol and breast cancer risk explains about the above detailed primary research article in a crisp manner. Though HDL that is, good cholesterol is good for health and acts like a protective shield against heart disorders, it has a negative impact on breast cancer development in humans. Higher the level of HDL in blood, higher is the risk of developing breast cancer. Thus limiting the HDL receptor, SR-BI the rapid proliferation of tumor cells were found to be greatly reduced. The popular article also interacts with Dr. ...
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Gender, Science and Technology Primary science article and Popular article – Summaries The primary science article, Scavenger receptor class B type I regulates cellular cholesterol metabolism and cell signaling associated with breast cancer development, written by Christiane Danilo, Jorge L Gutierrez-Pajares, Maria Antonietta Mainieri, Isabelle Mercier, Michael P Lisanti and Philippe G Frank, explains the role of Scavenger receptor Class B Type I (SR-BI) in breast cancer development…
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