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This picture is not new to us as long as female representation is concerned. This kind of image building of women has been performed by our media. In contemporary society, media plays a very crucial role in shaping public opinions. With the advent of new media such as internet smart phones, media has now been constantly around us, drilling into our head with the messages, which sometimes are very damaging. The major target of media these days is the body of woman which is worst and perverse. The representation of women in media has always been stereotypical. They are always represented as sex objects. It is an opening dialogue from the documentary film Miss Representation, “There is no appreciation for women as intellectuals. It is all about the body and never about the brain...” If we peep into the history of English literature for example, many facts of gender issues appear in front of us. There was no place for women writers in literary circle. Bronte sisters published a volume of poetry by adopting male names such as Curre, Ellis and Action Bell. The one and only reason was to conceal their feminine identity. The social, intellectual and psychological suppression of Victorian women is portrayed by Alfred Tennyson in his poem “Lady of Shallot.” The contemporary society had a very biased attitude about the female writers. ...
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GENDER STUDIES Before starting to write this paper I had a look at the commercial of Victoria Secret – 2010. Being a feminist, the commercial was watched by me from feminist perspective. I was disturbed to see the way women were presented in the commercial…
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