How did race, class and gender intersect in the imperial enterprise? - Essay Example

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How did race, class and gender intersect in the imperial enterprise?

The trendy of masculinity based on professionalism, rhetoric of militarism, as well as elitism enhanced a set of attitudes and personalities to fit in the structure of imperial legitimacy in conjunction with racial dominance. Moralists at the fin-de-siecle hitherto supporters of a specific brand of inflexible gender concepts of manliness responsible for the perpetuation of a society that had a hierarchical framework. The spread of rigid gender ideologies worked to maintain power and privilege both abroad for instance in South Africa and at home. The socio-sexual framework during the Victorian Britain regime came of the intersection through race, gender, and class and in the process informed the outlined power structures that acted on behalf of the nexus of the bigger political enterprises. In the end, the rise of masculine culture in an inflated manner happened simultaneously with the exposure of the proverbial Achilles Heel for Britain. These were the vulnerabilities of the colonial mastery resulting from strong and brave claims for the power of the British. The British officers acted as competitive, aggressive, and powerful figures (Perry, 2001, p. 33). ...
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The Intersection of Gender, class, and race in the imperial enterprise Name: Institution: The relations among race, gender, and class, entailed dangerous liaisons referred to as the imperial leather chronicles and was responsible for the shaping of the British Imperialism along with its bloody dismantling…
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