Film Les Miserables and Masculinity - Essay Example

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Film Les Miserables and Masculinity

Therefore, this paper is not a film review, but a technical research paper. It is however, not a full thesis or complete research study, but general thoughts on masculinity with a general aim of understanding it better. The paper uses scholarly ideas or theories and relates these to the selected movie in order to draw new insights on masculinity.
The chosen theme or recurring working idea for this paper is the understanding and appreciation of masculinity. This effort to understand is made through an analysis of previous ideas on masculinity drawn from papers or researches of scholars on the issue of gender and masculinity. Meanwhile, appreciation is derived through a chosen visual presentation or a film from which a more graphic representation of ideas on masculinity can be derived. The film chosen for this paper, the movie Les Miserables is a Golden Globe Award winner for Best Picture in Hollywood this December 2012.
The significance of this paper can easily be seen from the important social developments starting the late twentieth century, more particularly the 1960s and 1970s. During these years, feminism and the gay movements started to change the outlook of societies towards gender and sexuality (Peoples 9). Since then, traditional beliefs and biases on masculinity and femininity started to erode. This very well shows that gender is not a static, but rather a dynamic reality. ...
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This paper is a literary film analysis. It presents the film Les Miserables, a musical adaptation of a literary masterpiece by Victor Hugo. This paper is written for the purpose of analyzing the film from the basis of relevant studies on the male gender or masculinity. …
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