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the political economy of the middle east .israel and iran

The Israeli government has presented considerable argument regarding Iran’s development of nuclear technology along with their funding and support for a number of terrorist organizations in the Middle East, and Israel’s response towards these circumstances may have been arousing opposition and suspicion among international governments, agencies, and military leaders (Perkowich, 2005). Their attack on Iran may yield devastating consequences on human life as well provoke political hostility and military violence as these war preparations have been considered as one of the largest threats to political stability and international peace. Moreover, Iran-Israel war can bring about adverse effects on the economic conditions of both countries as well as other affected nations. The nuclear program of Iraq has become one of the most important issues for the global community over the past years. ...
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Political Conflict between Iran and Israel: Iran-Israel Conflict on Nuclear Programs and its Impact on the Economy Table of Contents Title Page Number Chapter 1: Introduction 3 Introduction 3 Research Objectives 4 Significance of Research 5 Chapter 2: Review of Related Literature 6 Introduction 6 Iran-Israel Relations 7 Iran’s Nuclear Program 7 Determinants and Outcomes of Iran’s Nuclear Program 9 Israel’s Response to Iran 12 Economic Impact of Israel-Iran Conflict 14 Conclusion 18 Chapter 3: Methodology 19 Introduction 19 Research Approach 19 Research Design: Descriptive Qualitative 21 Secondary Data 21 Documentary Analysis 22 Summary 23 References 25 Chapter 1 Introduction Introductio…
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