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The Fall of State

Health care, education and pensions for retirement are some of the most popular. These obligations caused states to start taxing their citizens. At this point, some of the richest states in the world are in debt because they can not meet these obligations. A final trend in the state of the state is the blurring of national identities and borders due to technology such as telephone and rail lines. The author argues that technology will continue to erode the relevance of the state because information and trade that was once under the control of the state will now be controlled by corporations that operate with impunity across national boundaries. I think that the most important trend is the second one because it affects people the most directly. Citizens of established states expect to be protected by the military of their respective state, but it usually isn’t something they walk around thinking about all of the time, especially in Europe and North America, where there hasn’t been conflict between states for many decades. What people do worry about is their state pensions for retirement, protection against crime, healthcare and education. The failure of the state in this area is what makes people angry on many different levels. ...
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There are several important trends that appear to be affecting and changing the role of the state in world governance. One trend is that states are less able to wage war on each other then they once were. The original importance of the state was greatly tied to the ability to defend or expand territory…
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