Identification of novel human cancer-specific antigens. - Literature review Example

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Identification of novel human cancer-specific antigens.

        Likewise, opportunities to develop cancer treatment demonstrated promising results (Haffner et al., 2001; Jager, Jager, and Knuth, 2002; Fijak and Meinhardt, 2006; Park, Lin, Nishidate, Nakamura & Katagiri, 2006;  Tabi and Man, 2006;   Hayashi et al., 2007; Meklat et al., 2007; Dakshinamurthy, Ramesar, Goldberg and Blackburn, 2008; Hunder et al., 2008; Old, 2008; Caballero and Chen, 2009; Chen et al., 2009; Dubovsky et al., 2009; Fard and Modaressi, 2009; Vujanovic and Butterfield, 2009). Consequently, pioneering research in the search for effective cancer vaccines has produced cancer/testis antigens such as MAGE, GAGE, and NY-ESO-1 which are currently undergoing clinical trials (Mashino et al. 2001; Bowlus, 2007; Gierstoff and Ditzel, 2008). ...
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Conclusion Research on the causes, prevention and treatment of cancer has produced numerous breakthroughs, thus improving a patient’s chances of surviving the disease. However, a debate still goes on as to what causes cancer. Some proposed that cancer is cause by human activities and the environment (Smith, 2008; Serfontein, 2011) while others view cancer as a disease that originates from a DNA disorder (Campbell and Farrell, 2006)…
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