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Article Review: Doing Gender in Cyberspace

Since the players she interviewed were women who chose to play female avatars, her study understandably concentrated on that particular aspect of gender development within the game. What is surprising is that she uncovered an alternate reality that, although played by rules set specifically for online interaction among its players, is still deeply rooted in the social norms and rules of our real life reality. To quote Eklund (2011): Results show that gender identity construction in WoW is an ongoing process highly dependent on the social context of play. The women interviewed created highly gendered and sexualized identities constrained and empowered by the rules of the game and the opportunities it offers as well of their social relations. Although a heterosexual norm rules, there are possibilities hitherto unrecognized for queer performance within the gendered role play in WoW and the game offers the possibility of multiple and alternative performances of the self. [323] It is easy to understand why Eklund would be interested in understanding the driving forces behind the sexual development of these female or male avatars (as the case may be). The internet and these online games have long been viewed by society as an escape from the real world. It is an alternate universe where they can be exact opposite of who they are in real life. ...
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Article Review: Doing Gender in Cyberspace: The Performance of Gender by Female World of Warcraft Players Lina Eklund of the Stockholm University in Sweden did an in-depth study and critical analysis of the reasons behind why female World of Warcraft players choose to play a certain gender in the hugely popular MMORPG…
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