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Case study analysis

As has been seen, many groups do form for two main reasons which are either based on purely social needs or to achieve a certain goal at hand. When a group is on the move to solve an issue that is when the interactions grow stronger, especially in cases where the group has been constraint with time and resources meant to achieve the results (Klochan, 2002). One such group under this analysis is the Anne Barreta case which has a lot of responsibilities and in this case, the gender issues coupled with affirmative action does make things lively in spite of the fact that there is a lot of work involved. It has been argued that instructors are in a better position to make use of this case in reinforcing the fact that things in any organization or work are never straight forward nor simple as it might appear on the onset. It is called upon the group to explore various options or give possible explanations for the goings on instead of relying on one explanation. It could be argued that people act in a manner that at times goes beyond their gender orientations. The needs of workers in an organization may vary and there is thus a reason to handle them carefully. ...
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Case Study Analysis (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) Group dynamics as well as team building are primarily based on some form of fundamental relationships that do exist among the people, men and women, involved and is normally both a courteous and logical thing to keep assuring members of such groups, introduce them to each other and give them opportunities to learn their members and engage in building strong relationships that are beneficial to the organization…
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