Human Resource Strategy in Multi-Unit Service Organisations - Outline Example

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Human Resource Strategy in Multi-Unit Service Organisations

Then elaborate upon the roles and responsibilities of the multi-unit manager, initially in a general form and then specific to the Carabao Thai Restaurant. Obtain answers to the questions and then include the responses and their discussion. Once that is done, derive your conclusions and summarize all the findings in the concluding paragraph) Introduction: Nowadays, the hotel industry is experiencing a significant growth with a large number of hotels under construction. It is in the emerging industry stage of the life cycle as international and domestic travel continues to increase. There is immense competition as there are hundreds of hotel chains and top firms in this industry make up 20% of the entire industry (tourism-review, 2007) With the industry’s increasing growth rate, it is important to find employees, especially young workers who are very innovative and creative and come up with novel ideas of hotel management. The industry nowadays is facing a shrinking channel of workers hence; it is increasing its recruitment efforts and coming up with targeted strategies that help them make the recruitment process more effective (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2006-07 Career Guide to Industries). Roles and responsibilities of a Multi-unit Manager: The role of a multi-unit manager in an organization is very important as there is a range of tasks that have to be catered to. ...
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Multi-Unit Service Organization: Carabao Thai Restaurant and steak House Outline: Introduction What are the roles and responsibilities of a multi-unit manager? Questions to be asked to the Multi-unit Manager (questions provided below) What are the roles and responsibilities of multi-unit manager within the organization?…
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