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Female Sexual Autobiography.

It was very early that I discovered something unusual when I find young men and boys looking at me with deeper meaning in their eyes. I started feeling strange and uncomfortable by someone's intense gaze or meaningful smile while I was entering my teenage. Early teenage interaction with opposite sex assured me of some fiery attraction and bond. Later, Biology class lessons and discussions; television programs; magazines with exposing pictures; books and literature, and socialization led me discover the real meaning and process of sex. At that time, I felt excited but feared by the consequences of doing it in the form of pregnancy.
I was clueless about where “babies come from” until six. One day I heard some kids talking about it in school cafeteria. In utter disbelief, I shared this newly got but awkward information with some of my street friends, few of them came up with similar stories. With more confused than ever ideas in my head, I came back home and talked to my mother about it; she told me that it’s true. I was quite shocked; it was certainly true because my mother was the ultimate source of information. I felt that it is a gross idea and babies can come out by mouth instead, funny idea I know, but that was something popped like popcorn in my mind when I was settling with this phenomenon. I thought but how the kid goes in, an immediate answer was, the way it comes out, but I couldn't give much thought to the later part. I also imagined myself coming out of my mom’s bottom; it seems funny now but was a terrible thought then. ...
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In the paper “Female Sexual Autobiography” the author describes sexual attitudes and behaviors of a 29-years-old white American female. He encompasses a broad range of behaviors and processes, including sexual identity of the girl, social, cultural and spiritual aspects of her sexual activity. …
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